instruction manuals

Overview of instruction manuals

This page gives an overview of a number of projects for technical instruction, assembly and user manuals so that the operation; maintenance or use is clearly shown. These projects has all been carried out by Idiomorf infographics. Click on one of the tiles to see the whole documentation.

Information transfer with text is becoming less effective because users take less and less time to read the operation or maintenance documentation of a device or machine. Idiomorf offers the solution and replaces the words in textual documentation by images in the form of instructional drawings. With technical illustrations we can show operations what or how something is done. Visual language is comparative and works well as a guide. Technical illustrations are understood faster and better than textual technical documentation alone. Moreover, the use of illustrations saves money when it comes to technical procedures because there is no need to translate a lot of text. Comprehensive reading requires much more from the environment and the ability to concentrate. Due to increasing globalisation, products are distributed within an ever larger sales area. With our technical illustrations, possible language barriers can be overcome.

Visual technical documentation is the future.

That is why we have become experts in creating technical illustrations and animations. Also when it comes to visual manuals, Idiomorf is your involved and skilled partner. So that your target group is really well informed about your product.

Assembly manuals

This contain instructions how to assemble parts into an end product. Therfore structure and the right order of actions are very important. In the illustrations, visual recognisability and the tools to be used in the form of pictograms play the leading role. Each illustration has a didactic function and provides an explanation of the work to be carried out. During the development of this technical documentation, test persons perform the actions to verify the effectiveness of the instructions.

Infographics and user manuals

User manuals focus on and safe use of a product. Idiomorf infographics is a specialist in the development of your technical illustrations for instruction manuals for consumers and professionals. These visual instructions (technical illustrations, supplemented with graphical elements such as pictograms) form the guidance. Depending on the product, knowledge level and document type, only minimal textual support is required. The drawings speak for themselves and therefore lower the threshold to actually read the instructions. We ensure that our drawings are so clear that telephone calls to busy helpdesks and service departments with technical questions are avoided; a considerable saving of costs!

Operating manuals

This cover the actions necessary to make the product function properly. Safety is paramount here. A device or installation can be operated by means of mechanical components or a control interface. Clearly drawn schematics illustrate a step-by-step plan that leads the user directly to the intended goal. After all, the user wants to start using the device or machine as soon as possible.

About exploded view

An exploded view of a technical illustration not only gives shape to each component, but also shows its position in relation to the other components. Indispensable during assembly and therefore a popular source of information for service and maintenance engineers. For service and maintenance engineers, an exploded view means an enormous time saving. The assembly sequence can be recognised at a glance. Therefore, the exploded view is an indispensable reference work for many mechanics.
Exploded views also bring clarity to consumers. IKEA instructions and classic model construction drawings are wonderful examples. Divided into phases, an exploded view is a perfect step-by-step plan for assembling and disassembling products.
By correctly attuning the instructional value of an exploded view, the number of questions to your customer service decreases considerably, which leads to substantial cost savings. Even manufacturers with an international service/dealer network can no longer do without them. Exploded views are easy to number and to link to a parts list in a database and thus contribute to correct and fast deliveries of ordered parts.

Instruction cards are short, handy documents in the form of posters or stickers that briefly instruct users on how to operate, use or maintain a piece of equipment or machine. Instruction cards of this kind are especially functional for products with relatively simple operation or maintenance. An instruction card often shows with technical pictograms what the user has to do or where he is. The visual instruction is given in images, possibly with a short textual explanation.