about us

Idiomorf infographics was founded with the aim of conveying knowledge better and faster by using the visual power of drawings and animations. New technological developments, scientific issues and geographical changes follow each other in increasing numbers. Partly due to the increasing diversity of means of communication, it is becoming increasingly difficult to hold the user’s attention. We draw from the perspective of the end user, and make optimal use of the versatility of animations and illustrations. In this way, we support authors, so that you as a client are served in all your needs in the field of technical documentation. This website contains examples of drawings ; animations and pictograms.

The company
In 1995, Andries Hof, the founder of Idiomorf infographics, started as an educational illustrator for publishers of educational material. At that time, there was a great demand for the innovation of mathematical drawings and physical graphs. In the meantime, the company, Idiomorf infographics, has built up an impressive clientele of medical and educational publishers; pharmaceutical companies; machine manufacturers; universities and advertising agencies.
The experience as an illustrator on anatomy; science; cartography and technique has grown to a specialism in the last ten years. Idiomorf also has an excellent reputation in meeting deadlines, as well as meeting customer-specific, industry standards and requirements.
Also have a look at the portfolio for special examples. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

The added value of Andries Hof as an educational and technical illustrator is not only his knowledge of anatomy, technology and science, but above all his insight into how to communicate visually without losing sight of the goal. The latest drawing methods such as animation (moving images) and 3D (three-dimensional) can be used. Bringing structure to complex issues is one of his specialties. Visual solutions are offered in various techniques. From traditional anatomical drawings, in the tradition of Leonardo Da Vinci and Vesalius, to ultramodern 3D reconstructions and animations.

What does the name Idiomorf actually mean?
Idiomorphic is a scientific name for: Completely bounded by their own crystal planes; Crystalline; Having their own shape.