illustration and animation

What can Idiomorf do for you?

We are specialised in making complex information clear. We do this exclusively with by drawing, animation, diagram and pictogram. With our help we can explain how machines work. But also how a device is maintained or a certain disease looks like. This helps the user to better understand how something is constructed, moved, removed or what the inside looks like. These illustrations can be used to explain inventions, manuals and medical information. But also documentation for safety regulations and soil structures.

Why clarify information with images?

An informative drawing can be used to quickly and clearly explain how something works. In its simplest form it is a diagram; graph or assembly drawing. Research into information transfer with drawings has shown that the use of illustrations helps an article to hold the user’s attention better. Search engines will place more emphasis on visual aids such as infographics; illustrations and animations in general. This means that your website will be even easier to find by using image alt tags and titles. As a result, your website will rise in rank for content with images.
Another big advantage is that it gives liveliness and colour to documentation. We respond to this with informative drawings. This provides quick and clear guidance for knowledge transfer. Subjects such as technology, education, medical development and science are thus placed in a new light thanks. This leads to exelent visual information transfer with infographics.

Your benefits at a glance:

No endless explanatory texts; No translation required; Lower threshold for sensitive subjects; Clear arrangement of data; Keeps documentation lively; Retains attention longer.

Media applications?

A digital version of more and more trade journals is appearing. This medium offers even more opportunities for journalistic infographics. Think of interactive infographics or animation for CD-ROM and/or Internet. We can also use earlier publications for interactive animations in order to use movement to show how something works even more clearly.

Photo or illustration?

Our illustrations can be combined with photography. For some anatomical subjects, we take situation photographs. This is in order to draw specific parts in them later to complete the anatomical drawings.

Drawing style?

Idiomorph has no preference for a certain drawing style. Our only style is clarity. To achieve that, we use the latest drawing techniques and drawing style that fits the project best. Of course, it is possible to adapt drawings and/or animations to the style of the graphic design. You can also express your preference. For example a diagram; schematic drawing; pictogram or instructional film. But also a line drawing; greyscale or colour.

Do you want to have your illustration redrawn?

It may be useful to have an illustration redrawn. Renewed drawing methods and programmes mean that certain aspects can now be expressed better. We also ensure that a drawing is better suited to the new graphic design. Sometimes a small intervention is enough to breathe new life into the dated visual.

Personal advice

Of course it is possible that after visiting our website you still have questions, or need personal advice. In that case, please contact us. You can either call us or send us an e-mail.