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Portfolio Technical illustratior for technical illustrations and animations, cutaway's and Sectional drawing
construction manual   electric cable with wounded protection   hybrid cars   instruction
Assembly instruction
for usermanual
  Shown partitions of a
electric cable
  Hybrid verhicle

Cours instructions
of hoisting apparatus

presentation interior design   exploded view radial tire   pharmaceutical equipment   heat flow
Interior design
of a camper
  Construction of
a radial tire
  Cyclone technology
of a dedusting machine
  Constant temperature

On this page there are a number of technical illustrations and technical animations brought together. This gives you an idea of what Idiomorf infographics can do for you in terms of visualization technology. Click on one of the tiles to see the whole picture.

This technical animations and illustrations where orderly made to highlight product innovation, operation of machinery and material properties. Errors and inconsistencies in the documentation for technical equipment can have very serious consequences. Therefore quality in technical illustrations is essential. Idiomorf infographics is specialised in visualizing this technical documentation. In cooperation with the suppliers of technical products, we contribute to adequate technical documentation appropriate to the knowledge of the user.

With proven expertise Idiomorf infographics is carefully developing accompanying imagery for technical equipment and technical instruments and has years of experience in drawing up this subject area. The leading technical companies uses our services to globalize their objectives with a wide range of services in the field of interactive visualization.

Idiomorf offers:

  • Providing companies with a consistent quality and accuracy of all printed and electronic illustrations and animations for manuals, atlases, reference books and leaflets. Aim: the use of illustrations and animations make the safety and health of workers insured.

  • Illustrations for technical training equipment for machinery to ensure that these products are properly used and maintained.

  • Documentation for vendors and educational institutions to ensure that the training is completed faster and for better sales results.

We offer an up-to-date knowledge in terms of flexibility and informative visualization of products needed to provide accurate documentation. This for more technical markets around the world to make an easy relay of technic information without a lot of translation in sight. Moreover Idiomorf reduces the cost by simple design of documentation which brings an array of new possibilities of applications for interactive digital media for technical education and information methods.

The application of technical illustrations is heavily dependent on the purpose for which they will be used. In assembling the technical documentation for instruction books, manuals or technical presentations made to the illustrations in the text a specific topic. Detailing and embellishment (color) of the illustrations are optional additions.

Technical illustrations and technical animations are divided into several main groups:

Instructional illustrations
These are only illustrations that show how a machine or device operated or maintained. These technical illustrations are drawn so that the user can see where a specific function is, what happens or how a machine part must be replaced. These drawings are often depicted black and white and stripped of all unnecessary visual information.

Exploded-view illustrations
These are really useful graphics to show the components of a technical product seperately through these elements so that they draw the sequence of the assembly show. This type of illustrations are also often used in part catalogs and parts lists.

Sectional drawing
Sectional drawings can show how a device mounted from the inside looks. This way of drawing clearly display the technical product and / or function from the inside. This educational technical illustrations lend themselves well for course materials.

Cutaway illustrations
This type of drawing is like the subject, such a device, with a sharp knife cut. This allows the inside of a technical component that normally viewed by a casing is shielded. This way of drawing is often used to give a better view of the technical operations.

Advertising illustrations for technical presentations
Color, form and light are important aspects in this kind of drawings. These are mainly used for fine technical presentations for ads, brochures, presentations or digital packages. Photography is often an important starting point.

By the increasing influence of digital media as the Internet, interactive animations and drawings belong to the visualization capabilities as well. This will allow the user to conduct an inquiry of information. This may be a practical tool in a short training manual. These animations are very small compressed file formats. This means that the loading of a web page will be quickly. In general, there is a strong tendency to visualize product development, manufacturing, network calculations and installation instructions as reducing technical information. Keep that in: so aptly possible to display the essence, omitting unnecessary details.