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Portfolio Medical illustratior: Anatomical charts, Diagrams, Visual Explanation
nerve signaling   intestine   implantation   laproscopy
Nerve impulses
to the brains
  Cutaway of villi structure
in the duodenum
  Placement illustration
for a dental implant
  Operative setting for
neurology   allergic reaction   hip prothese   lumbar puncture
Diagram wich shows
brains with Alzheimer

Human cell with
allergic reaction

  Exploded view of
an hip prothese
  Lumbar Puncture
(Spinal Tap)

On this summary page there are some examples of medical illustration and medical graphics animations to see. This gives you an idea of what Idiomorf infographics can do for you regarding visualization of medical sciences. Click on one of the tiles to show the whole picture.

Errors and deficiencies in the documentation of medical and Pharmaceutical Equipment can have very serious consequences. Quality to relay information is essential. By carefully developing accompanying imagery for medical devices with proven expertise in the field of pharmaceuticals, and years of experience in this matter Idiomorf can artboard for this branch of decisive importance. Idiomorf infographics helps the leading pharmaceutical companies to their globalization objectives with a wide range of services in the field of interactive visualization. Idiomorf pays attention to:

  • The supply to companies with a consistent quality and accuracy of all printed and electronic medical illustrations for manuals, atlases, reference books and leaflets. Purpose: the use of illustrations and animations to minimize risks;
  • Illustrations for training to work with medical instruments and equipment to ensure that products are properly used and maintained. For sellers to ensure that the technical information is understanded faster and better sales results.

Idiomorf offers up-to-date knowledge and flexibility in the field of information visualization necessary for products to provide accurate documentation. In order for multiple markets around the world without a lot of translation of medical documentation. Using medical illustrations and medical animations from Idiomorf will reduce the cost by simple design of documentation. It will bring an array of new possibilities for applications for interactive digital media for medical education and information methods.