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Who is Idiomorf?
Idiomorf is a Graphic Design Company that is specialised to transfer (complex) technical, medical en scientific information with simpel illustration and animation without words, minimizing the need for costly writing and translation. There fore we use graphic diagrams, detailed charts, tables, infographics and technical illustrations, which are used to illustrate an idea.
The company was formed in 1995 to meet the growing demand to simplify instructions and technical manuals in this global economy. The phrase:
“a picture is a thousand words” can be demonstrated when you look at some of the examples of our work. Click on examples.

What can Idiomorf do for you?
We have helped clients like a wide variety of disciplines by designing specific symbols to communicate complex information. Some examples include:

Illustrations and animations enable users to understand complicated processes and save you and the end user time and money. Infographics; medical illustrations; technical illustrations and pictograms can be used in your promotional materials, both on printed documents and websites.

Contact us to find out how you can streamline your instruction manuals, improve communication and save on costs!

How can you use our graphics
You can use graphics in printed material and on your website as interactive infographics or animations.

Photographs or illustrations?
We sometimes use both illustrations and photographs to clarify a situation. We can draw specific parts that are invisible from the outside on existing photographs. This technique can also be used for reconstructions.

Renew your graphics
If you need new graphics, it might be useful to have another look at the graphics you already use. They might be outdated in style or technique. Minor changes can mean a considerable improvement.

Drawing technique
Our aim is to simplify and bring clarity to your information. We use diagrams, symbols, computergraphics in cartoon style or pictograms technology to achieve the goal. We offer images in black and white or in full colour.


Last projects

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technische animatie
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infografiek brandstofcel
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Biorefining makes product diversity...
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tekening supergeleiding magneet
Super Magnet latest commitment for....
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energiebesparing met duurzaam bouwen
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doorsnee tekening griepvirus
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onderzoek naar CO2 opslag
Investigation CO2 storage in deep layers..
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luchtzuiverende straatstenen
Street pavement binds the battle with ...
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geur vernevelaar
Effective approach to stench leads to better...
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Fouten met medische apparatuur
Instructions can be proved deadly if...
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kunst heup
The use of a hip prothese is...
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A membrane filter, developed by ECN...
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Cinemas which cooperates to a...
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nieuwe analysemethode
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grafiek over REM slaap
During the sleep we...
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