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Terms of Agreement 
1. Contracts are good for 21 days. All contracts include a payment schedule which must be followed.

2. To accept the contract, a company signing officer must sign the contract and email, fax or mail a copy to Idiomorf.

3. Within three working days after receiving the approved contract, a preliminary graphic design package will be emailed or mailed to the client.

4. Upon completion and delivery of the project, payment is due within 14 days.

5. Should there be reason to terminate the design process, the client is responsible to pay for services rendered up to the point of termination.

6. All graphics produced by Idiomorf specifically for the client, can be used by the client for their intended use.

7. All proposals remain the property of Idiomorf

8. Projects over € 1000 and/or long durations (over a month) will be billed in progressive installments.


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