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Portfolio educational illustrations for secondary education, special education, knowledge, e-learning or correspondence course
sleepless   food pyramid   endospermic seeds   lead-acid battery
Diagram REM - sleeping
  explanation of
the food pyramid
  Substantials of
a grain seed
  Construction of a
lead-acid battery
spirometer   wide angle objective   instruction manual   ozone layer
illustration of a
spirometry test
  Cutaway Diagram of
Wide Angle lens
  Animated knots   Infographic of Earth's
atmosphere layered

Overview educational illustraitions
This page gives an overview of some educational illustrations and animations. These are examples what have recently been published by us and are about various educational topics. Click on one of the tiles to see the whole picture.

Digitization of educational illustrations
Before making illustrations for teaching, courses and tutorials we will discus with our client in witch medium it is being published. Educational drawings can be duplicated by printed examples or digital publishing on the Internet and / or CD-ROM. It is important to know that more and more educational resources are available digitally. This also makes it more interesting to use interactive animations. In the field of digital content, many parties are active in both reducing the costs and the use of extra posibilities of digital media to exploit. The share of the total school educational content will change this. An important advantage is that this way of publishing the educational information can be captured up to date according to contemporary teaching methods.

Through involvement in the development of accompanying images for clients such as educational publishers, universities, government institutions and correspondence course, years of experience in this subject area are signed up to us. This experience with visualization of scientific, technical, medical and chemical subjects matters the effort to improve access to these groups for pupils / students should be reduced. This will allow new chemical and physical tests to publish in colorful, educational, original and sometimes bringout playful.

For various purposes
Globally there are two types of illustrations. The first contains drawings depicting the situation like in real life or place. In other cases the information is displayed through a cross section drawing or exploded view. With the latter we give a specific message in the hope of the (sometimes difficult) theory can be understanded and remembered better. Combined with the illustrations sometimes legend is added where necessary for clarification or background information.

Interactive illustrations and animations
Illustrations are also available in electronic learning (E-learning) as on compact disc, DVD or on the worldwide web. Also illustrations transformed in these electronic media can be printed on demand on paper or transparent film, in color or just black and white. There are also opportunities to interact with this illustrations or have them transformed into an animation. Idiomorf may draw up, in consultation with user groups to organise workshops.

More posibilities with digital drawings
An animation can often show more than a static photograph or illustration. Animations appear in many forms and formats, ranging from simply moving episodes to interactive 3D illustration. An educational illustration can relay a principle, a process or a system quickly and easily without the use of words. We stay up to date with the latest techniques in visual communication through continuous investment in knowledge about this. This allows us to offer our clients always have the best opportunities in terms of character education.