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About Idiomorf infographics.
Andries Hof, the founder of Idiomorf Infographics, began his career providing visual educational information to Publishers throughout The Netherlands. There was increasing need for mathematical drawings, didactical diagrams and physical graphics which Andries was able to provide through graphic illustration.

The base of the company was formed in 1995 to meet the growing demand to simplify instructions and technical manuals in this global economy. We have developed an effective graphic method of communication, customizing it for each project. The end result is a picture story describing instructions relating to our clients products, services or training requirements. Click on Examples to see some of the infographics we have developed.

Now, Idiomorf is an important supplier of infographics globally, with an impressive network of customers operating in the fields of medical, science. education, pharmacy, cartography, advertising and industrial design. We are experienced and well equipped to anticipate the individual needs of our clients. Contact us to discuss your project .

What does the name Idiomorf mean? (also used as idiomorph)
This term is used to describe the fungal mating types which are extremely dissimilar from each other and do not show homology between strains of the opposite sex (as opposed to the allelic relationship in most polymorphic systems).


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